Remember coloring books? Their thin, pulpy paper and implicit directive to “stay in the lines”? Yes? We thought so. Well, now’s your chance to recapture that satisfying feeling while also doing good.

We’re proud to be partnering with RxArt, a nonprofit organization that transforms pediatric hospital facilities into brighter, livelier, more recuperative spaces with site-specific installations from contemporary artists.


One result of our alliance is the RxArt Coloring Book. Creative kids and art-loving adults alike will get a kick out of adding their own personal touches to works by 54 artists including Louise Bourgeois, Félix González-Torres, Rachel Harrison, Marilyn Minter, and Richard Prince.

They’re distributed for free to children in RxArt’s participating hospitals and available for $20 at our retail locations and at All proceeds go towards future RxArt projects.

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