Next up in our Artist in Residence series is ii, featuring Austin Tirado and Michael Lee.  WP-ii-130907-596-Edit

The bandmates are also roommates in their non-hotel dwelling lives in Silverlake, Los Angeles, which sounds potentially iffy but is going well, says Austin: “We’ve never fought about anything.”


Before their residency at The Standard, Downtown L.A., Michael and Austin did some prep work to maximize time otherwise zoned for relaxation. And air-conditioning, too: the “little rat cage” (their words) in which they normally share residence doesn’t offer much in the way of temperature relief. “It’s so hot so we like to work at a park or bar away from the house,” Michael says.

The close quarters of hotel-room residency did not strain their friendship. “When our friends see us out and we’re not together, they’re like ‘Where’s Austin? Where’s Michael?’” Austin says. “I feel like I’m married to Austin. We just work really well together,” Michael says. “But we’re totally friends first. We’re inseparable and incredibly co-dependent.”

Thank you, Michael and Austin!


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Photos by Alden Wallace

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