What’s 4 across, nine letters, and two words for “necessary interval of restful isolation?”*

*cabin fever

Let’s say you’ve got 48 hours, a closetful of sweaters, and a quiver of freshly-sharpened pencils for the Sunday crossword puzzle. Why not pull a Jack Torrance and lock yourself in for the weekend, see how things go? If you can avoid going crazy (winter does that to people), you might emerge with a new perspective on the colder months, and a serious backlog of trivial knowledge.


Lyle in Plum Marblewood

Our newest color, Plum Marblewood, is a streak-y, smoky lavender that’s a little bit unusual (aren’t you?) but pairs remarkably well with neutrals, grays, and dressier outfits (don’t you?).


Welty in Plum Marblewood

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