If there’s one thing that our team has really done well so far in Dallas during our time away from the bus, it’s been eating. Working with the recommendations from Jane of Sea of Shoes, lists provided by our Class Reps and our evening with Cafe Momentum, we’ve had numerous incredible meals.

After sampling a selection appetizers from Bolsa at our party last weekend,we were able to make a trip to see the restaurant in person and Bolsa Mercado just down the block to meet with co-owner Chris Zielke.

Their thoughtful menu highlights organic, locally sourced ingredients. The warm space and heated outdoor patio are perfectly suited for an intimate dinner or date—if any family members make it out to visit us in Dallas, it’ll be where we take them to prove that Dallas is about more than just barbecue and fried chicken (not that there’s anything wrong with either, but a bit of variety is always nice).

For a more casual setting, Bolsa Mercado boasts overstuffed armchairs and a long wooden table, which are conducive to both mornings of work and reading or group lunches.

Luckily for us, they open early and offer free wifi—we’re always up for starting our day with a cup of coffee or fresh juice, accompanied by a fresh pastry. We just recently learned about kolaches, savory or sweet stuffed pastries which are popular throughout Texas.

Looking to whip up a meal at home? Their refrigerators in the back are full with pre-cooked dishes, and the market area has everything from pasta to spices and cereal.

Photos by Collin Hughes

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