When visiting Dallas, who better to visit to style a few outfits with our frames than Jane  Aldridge of Sea of Shoes and her mom Judy of Atlantis Home? With two impeccable closets at their disposal (and a jaw dropping collection of shoes), the two made the task at hand look effortless.

Illuminated by the warm glow of Judy’s Tom Greene lamp, Jane and Judy paired two bold frames with a couple of casual outfits. For Jane, the Tenley in Burgundy Fade complimented her similarly toned hair, and added an extra dose of flair to her white tank, distressed jeans and ornate satin pumps.

Judy pulled the Thatcher in Revolver Black, a simultaneously simple and bold frame, to wear with the black and white vintage silk top. If you look closely, you can identify at least three different animals in the print: monkeys, lemurs and foxes (oh my)!

The setting of Judy’s home in itself serves as creative inspiration—the intricately detailed jewelry on her coffee table, the vintage upholstery of her chairs and endless number of design and lifestyle books.

Jane’s monochromatic look worked seamlessly with the Winston in Lunar Fade. The black and grey were offset by her classic red lip.


Judy went for another look that was simple in terms of color, but not in shape or detail. Her long navy blue sweater and lace-up patent boots were a combination just as bold as the Holt in Blue Slate Fade that she wore with them.

Photos by Collin Hughes

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