After sitting in on one of Smile Smile‘s rehearsals this past week, we’ve concluded that it’s not only their talent that will bring them to success, but their personal story that’s woven throughout the lyrics.

It’s one of movie-worthy heartbreak with a streak of anger, now backed up by a solid friendship and working dynamic.

To put it simply, they were in love, engaged and had a record deal on the table. All was fantastic, until one misstep lead to a breakup—yet, there was no turning back. The duo continued to record and tour, often in the midst of an argument while on stage.

Thankfully, that’s all behind them now and they recently released their hit album, “Marry a Stranger,” which they performed at our party this past weekend. Our team got a sneak peak of the performance while sitting in Jencey’s basement space—we have a feeling we’ll be boasting about our private show while the pair is out headlining shows.

Plus, anyone who can switch between numerous pairs of frames between songs scores some major points in our book.

Photos by Collin Hughes

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