Heavier textures, napping, and indoor shenanigans: the best parts of cold weather inspired our new Winter Collection. Mood board above; explanations to follow.



Durand in Woodland Tortoise

A) Norman Mailer’s living room.

B) Wood pile mosaic. (If you relax your eyes, a 3-D image will emerge.)

C) With a hat like this, how could Ali MacGraw be sad?

D) Traditional snowshoes are made from a single piece of white ash, latticed with caribou sinew to which a moccasined foot is affixed with leather thongs. Great for running winter errands.

E) Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, horsing around, Thanksgiving 1997.

F) Douglas Sirk’s great 1955 film, “All That Heaven Allows”.

G) Woody Allen and Diane Keaton: a great pair of indoor animals.

H) Buffalo plaid: not just for buffalos.

I) Winter essentials: used Toyota Land Cruiser with 200,000+ miles, snow-covered dog, four-wheel drive.

J) “The afternoon was drawing to an end, and here and there a lighted pane spangled the cold gray dusk and made the snow look whiter. The bitter weather had driven every one indoors…” –Edith Wharton, Ethan Frome

K) Not dandruff.

L) Environmentally-friendly fireplace situation.

M) It was long believed that every Irish family had its own uniquely-patterned sweater so that if the fishermen in the family were to drown, their bodies could be identified. This is a myth.

N) Turtleneck: the coziest of all necks.

O) Isaac Mizrahi in 1995’s “Unzipped”.

P) Two cinnamon buns, one fork. Please.

Q) Real estate.

R) Boost newspaper circulation in bed.

S) 1969. Utah. Robert Redford snoozing with his cat.

T) Leather on leather.


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