“It only adds a couple of hours. Why not, right? I mean, I’ve never been. We’ll be there for about fourteen hours—totally worth it. We’ll eat some beignets. Okay? Okay.”

After a bit of back and forth and time spent on Google Maps determining our route, we decided a stop in New Orleans on our way to Dallas just had to happen! It was one of the best last minute decisions we’ve made on our trip so far.

We made the trip as quickly as we could (never traveling above 60mph, mind you) and arrived late on a rainy evening. Luckily, we had the assistance of a New Orleans native to show us the ropes, and we’ll now be passing along his advice to anyone else we know visiting the city.

If you ever spend a night in New Orleans, you must stop at Maple Leaf Bar for some live music. If you’re really lucky, you’ll be there on a Tuesday evening to catch a performance by Rebirth Brass Band.

If you’re able to spend a leisurely morning in the city, we recommend visiting Antoine’s Restaurant in the French Quarter for brunch, and taking them up on their offer to tour the 14-room space.

If you don’t have to get behind the wheel afterwards, you should also take advantage of their twenty-five cent martinis.

While wandering past the enormous wine cellar, keep an eye out for the illustration of a dapper gentleman who looks like he’s sporting our Fillmore frames!

You may even have the chance to visit a near-empty karaoke bar before noon after your meal.

It’s worth setting aside at least an hour to wander through the French Quarter—the architecture is beautiful and there’s no shortage of people watching and window shopping to be done.

Our visit was short but sweet—we’ll definitely be venturing back again!

Photos by Collin Hughes

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