We’re happy to present the final musician in our Artists in Residence series: Cillie Barnes.


Cillie—the performing name of Vanessa Long—occupied The Standard, Downtown L.A., just 15 minutes away from her house.  “I felt glamorous and indulgent: who stays in a hotel in their own city?” she said. (She, Teddy, and the guys from ii all did.)

Cillie stuck around the hotel to seek inspiration from the different visitors in the lobby (and also to indulge in steak and pretzel buns from room service).


Formerly an actor, Cillie she began writing and performing as a creative break. Lucky for her listeners, the career change stuck: “I was shocked I didn’t see it coming. It wasn’t a thing that I felt I had to do,” she says. “Now I wouldn’t know what to do without it.”

Thanks so much, Cillie!

Stick around for details on the upcoming Artists in Residence album, featuring Sophie Auster, Teddy Thompson, Nikki Lane, Sid Khosla, ii, and Cillie Barnes.

Photos and video by Alden Wallace

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