Stylist, editor, and our latest collaborator Leith Clark tells us about her reading list, favorite outfits, and more.

My favorite outfit as a child was my bluebird ballet costume.

My favorite outfit as a teenager was a red short kilt worn over a black short-sleeved leotard and motorcycle boots.

My most treasured possession is my engagement ring.

Right now I’m reading: I Am Malala.

Silliness is underrated.

Yes to #Hillary2016!

No to girls everywhere not having access to education.

I always have my gold iPhone 5s (though it’s often not turned on) with me.

I’m lost without the people I love.

My eyes are sensitive.



Willow in Aldabra


Marva in Cobalt Leaf

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Photo of Leith and Zoe by Pamela Hanson

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