The Rolling Stones recorded their track “Brown Sugar” in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Dusty Springfield released “Son of a Preacher Man” after holing up in Memphis, and David Bowie’s Berlin years yielded some of his best songs. Sometimes you just need a little space to get down to it. Pack a bag, leave your home—creativity is bound to follow.

That was the spirit behind our Artists in Residence program. We sent Sophie Auster, Teddy Thompson, Nikki Lane, Sidd Khosla, ii, and Cillie Barnes to a Standard hotel where they received studio time, cozy towels, room service, and other amenities.


Now we’re excited to release an album filled with their long weekends’ worth of creativity. There’s more right over here.


Keep up with the artists:

Cillie Barnes: TwitterFacebookInstagram

Teddy Thompson: TwitterFacebook

Nikki Lane: TwitterFacebookInstagram

Sidd Khosla (and his band, Goldspot): TwitterFacebook

Sophie Auster: TwitterFacebookInstagram

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