TO DO · 12/19/2014

Everyone's a winner

Starting this weekend, we have a little something in store for you and yours, inspired by Good Luck Omens for the Modern Era, the first publication from our very own Warby Parker Press.

Swing by a store near you to take a turn at our Wheel of Good Omens—completely free, completely fun—for a prize (and a nice break from last-minute holiday shopping stressors). Oh, and everyone’s a winner, did we mention?

If you can’t make it, here’s one of the gifts up for grabs: a fold-it-yourself fortune teller. (Maybe you know it as a cootie catcher.) Download your own here, print it, and start playing.


1. Grab a friend.

2. With the printed side facing down, fold diagonally each way across the paper.

3. Fold along the lines so the points meet in the middle. The numbers and colors should be facing up now.

4. Flip over and fold the corners into the middle.

5. Fold in half both ways.

6. Insert fingers into the pockets.

7. Play. (Or Google “how to play fortune teller.”)

8. Share your fortune and see what others got with #warbygoodomens.

Can’t wait to see what happens!

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