TO DO · 06/17/2016

Celebrate with Us!

Sure, Monday is the official first day of summer (woohoo!), but it’s also a brand-new holiday that we invented from whole cloth: Wear Your Sunglasses at Work Day!

What does that mean? Everyone at Warby Parker—both at headquarters and in retail stores—will be wearing sunglasses at work all day.

You can join the fun too. Here’s how to participate:

1) Politely ask your boss/manager/captain/head honcho if you can celebrate “Wear Your Sunglasses at Work Day.”

2) Wear your favorite pair of Warby Parker sunglasses to work on Monday.

3) Keep them on your face throughout the day—we’re talking during meetings, bathroom trips, lunch hangs, work sessions, naps—ALL of it.

4) Take a picture of yourself wearing the sunglasses and use the hashtag #seesummerbetter

And that’s it! Easy. We’ll see you Monday.

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