After making its way around the USA—traveling over 8,550 miles—the Warby Parker Class Trip has found a place to call home in Dallas, Texas. (We had been thinking about the barbecue, warm weather, and lone star state hospitality ever since we first rolled through.)

WPC #2

This past Wednesday marked the opening of the Warby Parker Classroom, our first-ever store in Texas. Inside you’ll find everything you loved about school—independent books, freshly-sharpened pencils, globes, chalkboards, apples—and none of the things you despised: pop quizzes, weird substitute teachers, spitballs. Parked outside, just steps away from the classroom, you’ll find our old-fashioned yellow school bus, complete with leather sofas, oak shelves, and vintage reads.

WPC #3

There are also glasses everywhere. The classroom and bus are stocked with our entire collection of frames, along with a team of whip-smart Warby Parker Advisors.

To kick things off right, we threw a proper Texas-style party to celebrate the opening. Local folks came out in the hundreds (!) to listen to Dallas band Dovetail, eat barbecue, and partake in some serious games of corn hole and flick football.



If you’re in the Dallas area, come visit us at 2008 North Henderson Avenue or clickity click on over to our retail page for more information on the store and our showrooms.

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