· 06/29/2015

Turn the Beat Around

When the largest Beat Generation conference in twenty years happens in your own backyard, you have no choice but to boogie down.

Our San Francisco store hosted a little pre-party for the 2015 Beatnik Shindig, a conference presented by The Beat Museum featuring an embarrassment of riches (Poetry workshops! Scholarly panels! Readings galore! Jazzjazzjazz!).

We welcomed participants with specialty cocktails (for sipping) vintage typewriters (for typing-upon), and live jazz from The Nova Jazz Band and The Word Party (for getting everyone in precisely the right frame of mind).

And now: party photos!

Focused. Fired up. Head in the game.

DSC_0044 Now that’s what we call “synergy”.

Little music to get us all in the mood.

Sharp-dressed man.

DSC_0118Accessory game: superb.

Can we commission a sculpture of this man’s beautiful head? Is that weird?

This, folks, is how it is done.

DSC_0255 Some friends, some drink, some linguistic play—what more could you want?

DSC_0286Once a gentleman, always a gentleman.

DSC_0299Love his color palette. Love his vibe, in general.


DSC_0330Performing a quick manual spell-check.

“Trust me on these.”

Trust: vindicated!

DSC_0394An applause-worthy hat! (*Claps*)

DSC_0404Beard game: FLAWLESS.

DSC_0419“Let me just drop a quick verse…”

DSC_0442He’s saying something smart. You can just tell.

DSC_0497Love that tortoise. Adds just the right amount of je ne sais quoi, as the French say.

“Did I intentionally match my glasses to the ice in my frosty Moscow Mule from Barbary Coast Catering? No. Does it bother me? Not in the slightest.”

DSC_0526Talk about a triple threat.

DSC_0532We’d be smiling if we had a necklace that cool, too!

DSC_0197¡Adios, amigos! ‘Til next time.

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