With a name like Tedo Stone, you’re pretty much destined to be a rockstar. But of course, we know that it takes more than just a name to earn your place on the stage. After spending some time with Tedo at Glow in the Dark studios in Atlanta, and having him perform at our launch party this week, we can confirm that he all of the necessary talent too.

We got together with Tedo, short for Theodore, as he was busy mixing his first album with Matt Goldman. Our photographer, Collin Hughes, recognized the studio space immediately—bands like Underoath, Anberlin and Copeland have all recorded there. We’ll spare him some embarrassment, but as a big fan of some of the bands when growing up, he was like a giddy kid. We were all thrilled to get an inside look at the space.

Tedo had spent nearly a year recording his upcoming album, which should include about twelve songs upon its completion. He had previously released an EP, “Happy,” under the American Music label. When we asked about the change between those tracks and the new ones that were playing in the background at the studio, he said that the were, “all country soundin’ before, but now are more rocking.”

We helped both Tedo and Matt pick out some frames while there—the Owen for Tedo, and the Roosevelt for Matt, both in Striped Chestnut.

After hearing his music in the studio and live, we feel like the tracks are fitting for any situation.  We could see ourselves playing them low while spending an afternoon writing, or turning them up for a dance party. Plus, jumping from one situation to the next happens often for us on the bus, so we’re counting down until his new record is out in the spring. We think it’ll make its way onto our bus playlist!

The bus is in Atlanta through December 23rd—we’d love for you to stop by while we’re still here

Photos by Collin Hughes

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