Meet Cory Staudacher: a native to Seattle, incredible photographer and our guide to exploring outside of the city. He’ll be taking over our Instagram account for the weekend, giving us a look at life in the Pacific Northwest (and making many of us very envious).

For Cory, a self-described coffee addict, an ideal day in Seattle starts with coffee shop talks, followed by lunch at Homegrown. And there’s always an adventure involved. If he’s sticking around the city, Discovery Park or Alki Beach are his go-to spots.

Our afternoon with him included a trip out to Rattlesnake Lake, a beautiful spot not too far from downtown Seattle. Cory and his girlfriend Bethany (who’s also a photographer) had visited the lake before, but hadn’t hiked up to the ridge. If you’re short on time (as we were) or are in the mood for a good workout, you can make it to the top of the ledge and back in less than two hours.

If Cory has a bit more time to spare for an outing, he’ll hop on the ferry then drive up into the national forest. “But my favorite weekend spot would be staying in a cabin at Lake Cushman—getting up early to see the morning fog then taking the old logging roads into the mountains. Perfection,” he explained to us.

Many of those awe-inspiring shots captured on his feed are from those adventures. Those abandoned, elevated train tracks he often photographs? Those are out near Lake Cushman.

With just his iPhone in hand (and mophie for charging), Cory is able to capture all of these magical spots. Although his introduction to photography was through daily snaps with his phone, he’s started to use a DSLR also to create lasting images.

Keep an eye on our Instagram throughout the weekend to see some amazing photos from Cory!

Cory is wearing the Winston in Old Fashioned Fade and Bethany is wearing the Neville in Sugar Maple. 

Photos by Collin Hughes



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