As we wrap up the year and look toward 2017, we’re pumped to continue the very critical work of getting more glasses to visually impaired kids.

We’ve been at work with to get New York school kids into their very own pairs of glasses. (You can still donate, p.s.) But we’re also in cahoots (the non-devious kind) with a few other partners to reach even more kids.  We’re calling this the Pupils Project. Right now, it’s aimed at stateside students, but we’ve got big plans to increase the scope.

Last year, we began a four-year partnership called Community Schools with the City of New York, Department of Education, and the Office of School Health. 65,000 kids in pre-k through 12th grade at 130 schools will get free vision screenings, eye exams, and glasses (that last part is where we come in).

And through a three-year partnership called Vision for Baltimore, we’re providing glasses to 8,240 pre-k through 8th grade students in 150 public schools. These kids also receive free vision screenings and eye exams thanks to the City of Baltimore, Baltimore City Health Department, and Vision to Learn. John Hopkins University is also involved; they’re conducting a longitudinal study to understand the correlation between the intervention of vision treatment and reading scores. This research will offer a better understanding of the benefits of ensuring access to glasses for children in urban settings. Johns Hopkins will publish their findings with the hopes of influencing public policy at a federal level, and to ensure that glasses are within reach of any child who needs them.

Wanna help a little? (Or a lot?) There’s 12 days left this year. That’s plenty of time to help some kids have a fantastic holiday season. Interested? Here you go.

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