We’re preparing for our road trip from DC to Nashville and are thinking back to our favorite stop from our last journey—an apple orchard just outside of Philadelphia. What school-themed fall trip would be complete without a couple of freshly picked McIntosh apples? It was the perfect breath of fresh air and escape from the city before we hunkered down in the car for the drive.

We went into the drive that afternoon with a strict itinerary, but abandoned it completely once we arrived at Linvilla Orchard. Since we follow a set schedule day-to-day on the bus, our time off is reserved for exploring and just rolling with the punches, even if that means pulling into the next city late at night.

We’ll be departing for Nashville on Monday morning (or Sunday evening, if we’re feeling ambitious), and are in the process of planning our route. Since our bus only cruises at a maximum of 56mph and our Ford Escape has to follow close behind, we’re always a bit short on time. This long drive will be split over a couple of days, so we’re willing to take a few side trips to incorporate any sights that can’t be missed.

We’ll be pouring over our maps over the next few days, but want to hear your suggestions! We want to visit the best landmarks, restaurants and speciality shops that are off the beaten path, and pick up a couple of souvenirs along the way.

Photos by Collin Hughes

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