Sometimes a book comes along that’s so good, you don’t even know how to endorse it. All you can do is read it with frantic absorption, finish it in 48 hours, and run to place it in the hands of your dearest friend without comment. When Adelle Waldman’s The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. came out last year, it instantly ascended into this category for us.

Fast forward a year and the book is out in paperback, which makes it an ideal summer companion if you haven’t already read it. The book is about a young writer and his Brooklyn ecosystem of friends, enemies, and romantic prospects. Lena Dunham called it “too real”, The Economist called it “incisive and very funny”, The New Republic called it “powerfully intelligent” and we call it all of those things, plus fun.

To celebrate the paperback release, we hosted a party with Adelle at our Greene Street store. All the ingredients of a traditional book party were present: bottles of Brooklyn Lager, both colors of wine (we fancy), toasts, copies of the book, and a menagerie of tote bags. (SO MANY TOTE BAGS!)

There were also rainbow confections shaped to resemble the silhouettes on Adelle’s book, made by Flour Shop. If you’ve ever read a book so good that you wanted to eat it, you’ll get an idea of how much pleasure we took in consuming these mimetic morsels.

Oh! And guess what? Adelle has a brand-new story available for $2.99, which is less than the cost of a damn ice cream cone. Whatta steal.

Happy summer, and big thanks to everyone who came to celebrate The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.



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5bkatie(Shoutout to Katie Roiphe, far right, whose book In Praise of Messy Lives is mind-bendingly excellent.)




Photos by Christina Timoldi

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