This holiday season, we’ve assembled a collection of small treasures expressly designed to spread delight far and wide. Heads up: Being the best gift-giver around comes with great power and great responsibility (and hugs. Lots of hugs.).

We’re talking…
Clinkable mugs!
An incredibly cute dog toy!
Colorful lens cloths!
Conversation-starting tote bags!
And of course, the timeless Warby Parker gift card!

(…Oh, and more!)

To sprinkle some additional joy over the season, we asked artist Sue Doeksen to create a visual landscape meant to dazzle the mind and delight the eye. Particularly mind-dazzling and eye-delighting? Gift cards! Order a physical, tangible one and we’ll mail it on over to your recipient with a Sue-designed Rubik’s® Cube for an extra dollop of fun. (You can also send an e-gift card—whoosh, right to the inbox and into their hearts.)

There’s a heap of gifts right over here. And if you’re looking to shop in-person, find a store near you.

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