One of the nice things about working at Warby Parker is that you are surrounded by people who are stoked about Warby Parker and about life in general. The office has a friendly vibe, and the copy department’s recent—and first—Team Spirit Day was no exception.

What’s Team Spirit Day? At heart, it is an excuse to wear matching outfits and take a step back from the usual routine to have the funnest day of your life in an office context. (SFW activities only.)

We asked the copy department to tell us about their day, and to share some tips on creating your own version.


Step one: Create a logo for your team and order custom apparel.

“With some help from Warby Parker’s design team, we were able to create a logo that really captured our spirit,” says one copy department member. “The logo depicts a cartoon pencil with a sassy smile wearing our Wilkie frame.”


“Then, we splurged on a couple of airy, wrinkle-resistant shirts from We picked a style that featured sweat vents because things can get a little intense at the copy desk sometimes.”

The team uploaded their logo and ordered the shirts, which arrived at Warby Parker headquarters ten days later.

Team shirt

Step two: Get pumped.

“Team Spirit Day was on Friday, but we were talking about it all week—getting amped and planning activities,” says another copy team member. “We were emailing each other constantly. Not that it affected our productivity.”

Team Spirit

Step three: Do activities.

Team Spirit Day is all about unity, bonding and trust. “We were inspired by stock photos of business people,” says one copy team member. “They’re always looking at charts and smiling, or signing contracts and laughing, or shaking hands and chuckling.”

Inking a dealInking a deal


 Human Pyramid
Human pyramid!


Trust fall
Trust fall

 Step four: Make memories.

Take photos and videos of your special day! The copy department commemorated theirs with an Instagram video and hundreds of team selfies.

Step five: Reflect.

Take time to pause and reflect on your team time. “It was incredibly fun,”  says one copy team member. “At one point I was smiling so hard I had to lay down in a conference room, just so my face muscles would stop constricting.”

In the words of another member: “I’m never taking this shirt off.”

IMG_7636Go team!


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Photos by Kelsey Rose

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