TO SEE · 08/23/2017

Did You See?!

After a 99-year wait, the Great American Solar Eclipse arrived on Monday—and it was quite the sight.

Actually, if you were at the viewing party that we threw at our Nashville store (right in the path of totality), it was pretty sensational for the eyes, ears, and taste buds: We had lunch fired up on site by local BBQ masters, Martin’s, and live music before, during, and after totality. Futurebirds took the stage leading up to the big moment, and when totality finally came, the ALIAS Chamber Ensemble played a piece that they’d custom-composed for the occasion. It’s still stuck in our heads.

Scroll on for a look at the festivities:

Now for some astrophotography, from three astrophotographers stationed at different points along the path of totality. (Prepare for your breath to be taken!)

Photos, from left to right, by Stan Moniz (stationed in Oregon), Cary Meltzer (stationed in Sparta, Tennessee), and Jason Weingart (stationed in Vonore, Tennessee)

Another total eclipse isn’t crossing the country from coast to coast until 20145. We’ll be (not-so-patiently) waiting.