A desk can tell you a lot about a person, and these are the stories of our favorites. (Desks, that is. And also people.) 

Rob Natale, Customer Experience Content Coordinator



“The megaphone appeared on my desk one morning after a company outing. It has become the perfect heckling device when new hires first visit our office.”


Bingo card

“I found this vintage bingo card inside a desk during my first week working at Warby Parker in September 2011. It’s a subtle and constant reminder of how lucky I am (BARF, but seriously).”


Panama hat

“I borrowed this Panama hat during a Dolce Vita party when our offices shared a floor. For a while, I wore it as a signal when I wanted to work without interruption. It looks better on my computer than it does on me.”


Desk award

“My Secret Santa took inspiration from these various pieces and donned my desk the ‘Most Organized’ as the initial gift in a several-part Secret Santa reveal last year. The subtext, ‘We have to wonder if you actually do any work’ seems more apropos.”


Photos by Kelsey Rose

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