Living a bicoastal life, Eva Chen doesn’t even try to compare Los Angeles to New York—they’re fundamentally too different. In New York, everyone says they’re a New Yorker, while in Los Angeles they associate with their specific neighborhood. “It’s ten cities in one,” she explained of the expansive area, “people identify by the tribe that they live in.” Upon moving to Venice, she experienced culture shock (learning to really drive was just one obstacle). She’s slowly settling in, exploring the city bit by bit like an anthropologist, while working as a freelance editor and consultant.

“LA is an experiment,” Eva told us, “I have to relearn all of my places.” One of her favorite spots in the neighborhood is Local 1205, an open-air cafe and market. It fills the void of a New York-style deli while she’s away, with a menu that includes lox and white fish salad. It has a Southern California twist, though—the menu also boasts an array of fresh-pressed juices and smoothies.

She’s claimed the West Hollywood Soho House as her office away from home. Even though they technically don’t allow photos, she always manages to sneak a few in.

When it comes to pampering, she’s already got her spots down. For nails, Mars the Salon is her go-to. You get to recline comfortably in a pod with your own individual flat screen television. “They’re designer lazy boys,” she explained. “If you want a replica of the Mona Lisa on your pinky finger with studs and fireworks shooting out, they could probably do it,”

Kate Somerville has an LED light facial that isn’t to be missed. “It’s basically Christmas lights on your face,” she told us of the experience. “They’re supposed to boost collagen production.”

Thanks to Eva’s suggestions we’ll be eating well, working well and pampering ourselves while in LA!

Eva is wearing the Mallory in Blue Marblewood and Jasper in Whiskey Tortoise

Photos by Collin Hughes

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