Of all the artifacts surrounding Andy Warhol—books written by him, books written about him, books written about books written about him—why are we reading this one?

Because it is written by Wayne Koestenbaum! (Duh.)

Around Valentine’s Day of this year, Open Road Integrated Media launched a series called Factory Books— a collection of memoirs, biographies, and essays about the world of Andy Warhol. There’s a memoir by Candy Darling, recollections from Ultra Violet, a video novel (!) by Viva, and a handful of other brightly-colored offerings from Factory superstars and Factory-adjacent observers. Yum.

We’re partial to the bio of Warhol because the author, Wayne Koestenbaum, is the literary equivalent of a mythical hybrid creature: he’s part poet, part critic, part historian, part theorist. He is the hippogriff of writers. Or maybe the cockatrice!

Either way, magical.




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