For the second year in a row, dozens of Warby Parker teammates had a chance to put their l33t hacking skills toward the good of mankind (or the internet).

This year’s theme was, in fact, “do good”—which meant eight teams of employees had 12 hours to focus their efforts into creating something that would benefit one of the following: employees, customers, community, or environment. They then had to present their ideas to a panel of intimidating judges, including our co-founders. (Scary!) (Just kidding!)

Hackathon_Man of Steel

Besides huddling around overheating laptops in small rooms filled with snacks and inspirational Tech team quotes, we were encouraged to take part in a series of non-tech challenges—all which promised everything from an extra minute of presenting to bonus time with developers. Challenges included cutthroat ping-pong matches, heated Connect Four games, and way-too hard quizzes.


By the end of the day, our brains were emptied and our hearts (plus stomachs) were filled to the brim. A winner was chosen (Go Literati!), losers were given superlatives (Best abs, really?), and we all went home with some positive ideas regarding the future.


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