Want to know a little behind-the-scenes tidbit about our new video, 1,000 Pieces of Candy? Watch it first and then click below. (You should actually watch it first, though—because spoilers follow.)

O.K. here’s the spoiler. See that torrential candy downpour at the end? We made it happen with a rudimentary metal cage-type contraption that spun in circles overhead and released small pieces of candy at close random intervals. It was so low-tech that we might as well have been wearing breeches and woolen stockings.

Every time the director yelled “CUT”, a small army of people ran out with brooms to sweep away the candy and transfer it back up to the machine for the next take.

Movie magic!

And now, for more fun. To help celebrate “1,000 Pieces of Candy”, we’re giving away five pairs of single-vision prescription glasses to five winners. It’s easy to enter: just comment on our Instagram telling us how you’d spend a spare $405 (kinda like the guy in the video). We’ll choose our favorites by Friday, October 7th. GET CREATIVE, GUYS.

(Here are all the rules ’n terms of the contest.)

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