A good old-fashioned thank you note can fix any social error. Technology has made the modern social landscape tougher to navigate—and that’s where Terrapin Stationers come in.

When Ted Harrington took the helm of his family’s century-old engraved stationery company, he injected a few hundred CCs of contemporary irreverence to the stylized charm of handwritten notes.


The outfit had our hearts when we first spotted their Twitter calling cards, and it’s hard to imagine a note more smile-inducing than a cheeky “Thanks For All The Sh*t You Do” card. (Send it to your coworkers, not your mother.)

Tongue-in-cheek messages aside, Terrapin takes their craft seriously. Every piece is made from the highest quality cotton and card stock, and their engraving is as precise as it comes.

Ted and team set up shop at the Annex from March 4th-10th, even creating custom notecards for Warby Parker. 


Frames pictured above: Preston eyeglasses in Gimlet Tortoise. Photos by Pat Wright.

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