Wood and Faulk began with just a blog. Described as “documents of experiments, style and craft,” Matt Pierce’s archives feature everything from instructions for making ginger ale and pickled Brussels sprouts to building his own “barn door” for his bedroom. “It began as a simple outlet for projects that would augment my design portfolio,” he explained to us of the launch three years ago.

Long story short, he launched the blog to coincide with a feature in ReadyMade, a DIY project for creating a window cover using an army blanket. He picked up the pace with his projects, rolling next into leather working with belts. Continuous requests for leather products lead to the development of the actual Wood & Faulk shop. It now carries a handful of beautiful leather goods, including these Camp Stools that we’ve already grown quite fond of.

Matt’s interest in making things by hand started when he was a kid. He told us that he’d always be, “sticking wires into sockets and taking off child-height cabinet doors with a screwdriver.” His antics as a child eventually led to working with cars (tearing them apart and building motors), and building furniture. If he weren’t spending his days crafting in his Beam & Anchor workspace now, he’d probably still be a graphic designer and “thinking about a way to work with my hands instead of a mouse.”

How better to both take a look at Matt’s handcrafted goods and see more of Portland than to take them outside and put them to good use?

We brought Matt’s camp stools to the archery range in Portland’s Washington Park—they’re obviously perfect for sitting while waiting your turn at the range, but also to set your gear on.

“Archery is a relatively new pastime for me, and it’s been a fun, sometimes frustrating new hobby,” Matt told us. Although a new hobby, he’s already crafted his own leather arm guard and holster for arrows—others at the range that afternoon nodded in agreement when we suggested that Matt add those to his shop too.

“I love making products that I’ll use on adventures—the campstools of course, camera straps, and I’ve got some grand ideas for new products that will fit perfectly too,” he revealed. We’re not sure what Matt has up his sleeve but with our love for outdoor activities ignited by Portland adventures, we can’t wait to see!

Photos by Collin Hughes. Matt is wearing the Japhy in Crystal Matte.


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