TO BUY · 11/10/2015

Winter 2015 is here

A cooler season means growth pauses, animals hibernate, we bunk down in our homes. It calls for a meditative pace, and for Winter 2015, we’re taking it slow. Like, nice and slow.


Our new collection serves up a chillier palette of tranquil blues, greys, and crystals. With new hues Blueberry Buckle, Grapefruit Soda, Glacier Grey, Squall Blue Fade, and Tree Swallow Fade, there’s a little iciness with hits of invigorating warmth.

Five new shapes crafted from premium acetate—Chilton, Chelsea, Baker, Wilder, and Eaton—complement returning knockouts (in new colors) from the Japanese titanium Luminary Collection—for a 20-styles-deep selection of frames. A lotta good stuff in here.

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