Before the Class Trip, we had thought of pie as a special occasion thing—reserved for holidays and one-off birthdays in place of cake.

But now, we can happily say (although our waistlines might protest) that we consider pie a regular treat. We’ve eaten it in abundance at Emporium Pies in Dallas, The Pie Hole in Los Angeles and now Bang Bang Pie Shop in Chicago.

The concept is charming and simple: it’s a homey shop that doles out extra large slices atop checkered paper. There’s always one seasonal fruit pie, a chocolate-based option and one with a chilled, ice cream consistency.

Aside from being delicious, the creations are also photogenic—it seems that every Chicago-based photographer we follow on Instagram has stopped in to grab a slice and snap a photo.

Also not to be missed: the coffee (they roast their own) and the biscuits. Either stacked with locally smoked ham or slathered with a homemade jam, you really can’t go wrong.

Photos by Collin Hughes


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