TO DO · 12/12/2016

WarbyCon 2016

At our New York headquarters we recently held our first annual WarbyCon: a day-long lineup of brain-tickling talks by coworkers, on subjects ranging from Bayesian statistics to pop music to being a good person.

The concepts were out there, and the interesting factoids were too many to count—but here are a few that stick out:

1. It’s possible to mail a postcard from the summit of Mount Fuji. (“Learn to Work from Anywhere”)

2. Drone-delivered Slurpees from 7-Eleven may soon be a real thing. (“Trends in Shipping: How Warby Parker Glasses Might Be Delivered in the Future”)

3. One man named Max Martin has written or co-written 22 Billboard number-one songs since 1999. (Keynote address)

4. Single-purpose retail stores are becoming a thing of the past—look out for more coffee counters at clothing stores (and bakeshops at bookstores, and so on) in the near future. (“Emerging Retail Real Estate Trends”)

5. An employee’s father once appeared as a male model in a Lil’ Kim video. He fed her strawberries. (“Career Stories: WarbyCon Edition”)

The More You Know! We really can’t wait for next year.

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