The perfect pair of aviators is like the perfect leather jacket, the perfect pair of jeans, the perfect scent: a staple for the ages. (Unisex, too.)

That’s one reason we paired up with Into The Gloss to introduce two new frames: one pair of sunglasses and one optical, each constructed from premium Japanese titanium in Jet Silver or Polished Gold.

If you’re not familiar, allow us to introduce you to your new favorite beauty destination. Into The Gloss takes everything you know about beauty, flips it, and reverses it. And although beauty and eyewear don’t normally fall into the same bucket…well, why shouldn’t they? The seed of our collaboration came from the notion that we could combine Into The Gloss’s approach to beauty with Warby Parker’s approach to glasses, and maybe wind up with a beautiful baby…

Emily 2

A year’s worth of collective brainstorming went into the design of the two collaboration pairs—because building the ideal aviator, it turns out, is an exercise in Goldilocks logic: they can’t be too big, they can’t be too small, they can’t be too wide and they can’t be too narrow. The teardrop silhouette can’t be too droopy. Every measurement must be just right.

The results are as wearable as they are distinctive.



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