TO MEET · 06/11/2013

Walnut Studiolo

In the running against Minneapolis, Portland is considered to be one of the most bike-friendly cities in the US. There are bike lanes aplenty and residents are ultra friendly to anyone trying to cross the road (we think it’s just a Portland thing, since drivers would stop every time we even neared crosswalk). Walnut Studiolo, founded by Geoff Franklin, allows riders to spruce up their bikes with handcrafted accessories—leather bags and bar wraps, handles to allow for easy transportation of your frame, and a handful of options for transporting your Portland brews.

Since Walnut Studiolo combines two things that Portland seems to be known for (the bikes and the beer), we asked Geoff and his wife Valerie for a list of their favorite breweries that can be easily reached on two wheels:

HUB (Hopworks Urban Brewery): “Our favorite local brewery (the one closest to our shop) is also way into bikes – check out the bicycle frames decorating the bar and don’t forget to try the ESB.”

Belmont Station: “The best place in Southeast to fill up a 6-pack. They carry all kinds of intriguing beers from around the world, as well as an extensive collection of local brews, and have a Bier Cafe next door for tasting them.”

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Joe Bike: “Our neighborhood bike shop. They just opened up a second location that specializes in just bicycle apparel.”

Horse Brass Pub: “A cozy traditional English pub that’s been around forever, a Portland institution. One of the few places in town with real dart boards.”

With this list in hand, we’re renting bikes and hitting the streets to fill up one of Walnut Studiolo’s reusable six-packs! It’s an adventure we’re feeling good about—exercise, beer and an all-natural, handmade product to put to use.


Geoff is wearing the Crane in Mallard Green and Valerie is wearing the Marshall in Striped Sassafras. Photos by Collin Hughes


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