TO READ · 12/16/2013

To Read: Candy

Samira Kawash’s Candy is an honest-to-goodness scholarly examination of, well, you know. With nearly 40 pages of citations, it’s an academic treatise on a subject close to our hearts/taste buds.

A few notable quotes:

-Ever heard of Charles Wille? He was imprisoned in 1915 for “unlawful trafficking in margarine.” (Who knew that was a crime?)

-This happened: “Soon home cooks were adding marshmallows to omelets and stuffing chopped-up candy bars into tomatoes.”

-“Farmer Mike Yoder claims that feeding ice cream sprinkles to his dairy cows has increased milk production.”

-Workers in candy factories used to endure respiratory distress from breathing in sugary particles which were “at constant risk for explosion.” (Editor: !!!!)



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