Over the next six months we’ll be covering approximately 4,350 miles (traveling at less than 60 miles per hour), visiting a total of nine cities, and will be documenting all of it here. This isn’t your average road trip, though—it’s the Warby Parker Class Trip, presented by American Express; an endeavor to bring our showroom experience to a variety of cities across the country. Our vehicle of choice? A yellow school bus, decorated as a classic library with a mixture of novels, special Class Trip notebooks, and frames on its wooden shelves. We’ll be driving a Ford Escape as our team support car, difficult to miss in a bright Warby Parker blue.

As with any road trip, ours will include driving music, an endless supply of snacks, and surely a few wrong turns off of the highway. With the help of our class representative, we’ll be going in search of the best eateries, sights, shopping and little known spots that each city has to offer. We’ll be reporting back to you as we go, providing updates on daily happenings at the bus, our city adventures, and much more!

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