If you’ve had a chance to see our recent collaboration with Jason Polan, then you’ve probably been in complete awe of the cheeseburger-pizza cookie, a hybrid food inspired by this Instagram-famous photo from Jason.

The multi-layered cookie is an unfathomable carbon (sugar?) copy of the real thing. The patty is derived from chocolate; the pizza crust has a taste of exotic cinnamon; and the bun offers just the right amount of vanilla. A delicate balance has been achieved.

To nail this cookie construction task, we turned to pastry artist Breanne Butler, who answered a few questions about the process.

Can you walk us through the layers?

Sure! The ketchup, mustard, cheese and tomato sauce are all made from royal icing—which is your classic cookie icing. The pickle is made from my favorite recipe EVER: homemade marshmallow fondant! The bun has actual sesame seeds, and the hamburger is made from a chocolate sugar cookie. The crust on the pizza is achieved by rubbing cinnamon on the cookie before baking—it always smells so amazing coming out of the oven!

Does it actually taste good?

Cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla and marshmallow?! Sounds like a winner to me!

What would it be best paired with?

An actual slice of pizza with a cheeseburger inside. Or just a glass of milk.

Do you have a background in hybrid pastries?

I definitely don’t do things traditionally! I think of myself more as an artist in a chef uniform…you can mix colors, textures, and flavors with food and come up with something absolutely original. I think breaking down the walls of what is expected and building back something that is unique to you is what’s so fun about being a pastry chef.

What’s your take on Cronuts?

I’ve STILL never had one. I’ve made my take on it, but have yet to have the original.  I just don’t have time to stand in that line!

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever been asked to make?

An X-rated birthday cake with the male genitalia as a Union Jack flag…yeah, definitely that one.

Do you prefer cheeseburgers or pizza?

Totally depends on my mood. But to be honest, I have a soft spot in my heart for Papaya King!

Where can we usually find your creations?

I work boutique style—case by case for every occasion. I have my website www.bybreanne.com where you can find my fashion cake collaborations. And for day to day, check me out on Instagram: @bybreanne

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