TO BUY · 07/15/2015

The Next Next Level

It was the year 2003 when writer Leon Neyfakh first encountered a performer known as Juiceboxxx. Juiceboxxx was a fifteen-year-old white rapper from the Milwaukee suburbs.

The climate for rappers of this particular demographic profile was iffy at the time. As Neyfakh puts it in his new book, The Next Next Level: “Despite the fact that Eminem was at the height of his powers, deciding to be a white rapper was still an uncomfortable proposition.” Juiceboxxx went there anyway. And Neyfakh followed.

The Next Next Level is a book about what happened next. You do not have to possess a natural interest in white rappers from Wisconsin in order to enjoy the author’s odyssey—indeed, it may be better if you don’t. Because then you can apply Neyfakh’s charm and depths and insights to whatever elevates YOUR pulse—whether it be Jane Austen or data science or clam chowder or Minions.

Neyfakh put it best: “This is a book about people trying to figure out what it is inside of them that makes them special, and then devoting themselves to the hard work of making it legible to the outside world.”

If that’s not universally applicable, heaven knows what is!

Buy the book and let us know who your personal Juiceboxxx is.

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