We didn’t have too spend too much time in Nashville to notice the tight-knit community of artisans and creatives. While in town, we spent time with a handful of Nashville characters in their local businesses—Barista Parlor, Third Man Records, Sideshow Sign Co., Parlour and Juke, and Imogene + Willie—to get to know the people behind the burgeoning Nashville brands.

Our immediate connection to Parlour and Juke, a hair salon and barber shop in Nashville, was through Imogene + Willie, as so many of them have been.

One of their former employees is now a bartender there, and unknowingly, we ended up scheduling an appointment with him. Mic greeted Phineas for his appointment for “The Business” shave, which is said to be “the closest shave you’ll ever have.”

The before:

The two guys hit it off immediately—something to do with the red hair.

Phineas had to sign a waiver upon check-in (because nicks do happen!) but any nerves were calmed by a complimentary Yazoo beer.

Until, of course, Phineas noticed that Mic had one in hand too—would it be safe to go ahead with a straight razor shave? He didn’t really have a choice at that point! Our team kept a watchful eye on the process.


The entire shave took about thirty minutes, included a lot of lather and at least five hot towels. Only a mustache remained!

We have a feeling there are going to be a lot of, “feel my face,” moments over the next couple of days.

The after:

(Phineas is wearing the Crane in Mallard Green, and Mic is wearing the Preston in Whiskey Tortoise)

The bus has left Nashville, but if you’re in town, you can check out our frames in our showroom at Imogene + Willie!

Photos by Collin Hughes

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