· 01/14/2014

Tech Department Demo Day

After Customer Experience, Technology is the biggest department at Warby Parker. (Seriously: we’re huge, growing, and busy.) The rest of us—the majority of our non-Tech employees—don’t always keep up with what’s happening over in the tech department so we’re looking for ways to mix with our coworkers and introduce our projects to the less technically-inclined. Demo Day proved just the ticket.


Last month, we held an open-house featuring different tech teams sharing a bit about their most recently completed projects or surpassed milestones. Each group also shared a fun fact they learned about their other members during the project (those who were working tirelessly behind the scenes on holiday gift cards would take a break and watch COOPCam, the live feed into an associate’s chicken coop) and guests were free to ask any questions they liked. Visitors—including our own co-CEOs and co-founders, Neil and Dave—previewed and tested new products to be released in 2014. Best of all, through these concrete demos, attendees could conceptualize the abstract initiatives and products they’ve heard about in meetings and emails for months. A success all around! (The cheese and meat trays didn’t hurt.)


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