Before ever visiting Tartine Bakery in the Mission, we knew about the lines. Especially in the mornings, around lunchtime and on weekends when they snake around the corner of 18th street as visitors wait patiently for a morning bun or hot pressed sandwich. Pastry chef Elisabeth Prueitt stopped in on an unsurprisingly busy afternoon to chat with us.

Elisabeth grew up in Brooklyn, so she loves having the ability to use outstanding produce throughout the year in California, rather than just for a few weeks.

“The seasons are longer and we can use tropical fruits too, which are kind of fun,” she told us, “The produce is so fabulous.” And for that reason, she especially enjoys baking tarts to highlight the seasonal ingredients.

For visitors making one stop to the bakery while in town, Elisabeth suggests going for a morning bun of simple croissant—you can’t go wrong with either. The bread pudding has also become a mainstay, although they were slightly reluctant to add it to the menu. “It’s like the mac and cheese at a white table cloth restaurant,” Elisabeth explained to us with a laugh. It’s everyone’s favorite comfort food, although not a glamorous dish.

Next up on Elisabeth’s list of projects: a website featuring all gluten free recipes. Even though she’s developed a white flour-heavy menu at Tartine, she’s actually gluten intolerant. She’s found that over the years many people come to her and ask for a gluten free version of pasta or cake—things that they’d like to be able to make at home rather than search for at the store.

With everything that she’s developed, she’s combined traditional recipes with her own personal, creative take. According to Elisabeth, “It’s always a little something different that makes it yours.”

Elisabeth is wearing the Webb in Whiskey Tortoise Matte.

Photos by Collin Hughes



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