There’s an air of mystery surrounding Pharmacie. It seems sort of like a “catch it if you can” concept. Luckily, we managed to track down founder Talmadge Lowe to get a sneak peek at his underground speakeasy that has evolved into a craft cocktail catering service.

Talmadge uses the speakeasy portion of his business as research and development for his larger events. He’ll either discover an old cocktail or create a  new one, then invite a group to test out his latest concoction. Based upon their feedback, these drinks may make it onto one of his future event menus.

The events themselves and the clients’ palates heavily influence the design of every menu. For example, he recently mixed up drinks for a housewarming-birthday hybrid party held in an architecturally famous home from the 1920’s—therefore, the menu reflected that time period.

Always on the menu you’ll find a gin-based drink called “The Bee’s Pyjamas.” It’s a refreshing mixture of gin, mint, lemon, chartreuse and bitters. “My new obsession is shrubs,” Talmadge told us. “They’re basically a flavored syrup that substitutes vinegar for water as the the companion to sugar.”  His latest mixture with shrubs is “The Gentleman Farmer,” which includes green apple shrubs, scotch, benedictine and bitters.

After eleven years of mixing in LA he’s found that the mixology world is, “mostly bar based, though for such a big city it’s a relatively small scene. I have found it to be very collegial and supportive. I mean hell, we all love a good cocktail!”

Talmadge is wearing the Preston in Sandalwood Matte

Photos by Collin Hughes

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