TO BUY · 04/12/2016

Buzz! Click! Slurp!

Summer is a parade of tasting, feeling, smelling, hearing, and seeing. It’s “I thought I got it all?!” sand. Teeth-sucking brain freezes. Teeth-sucking sunburns. Blinking fireflies and chirping crickets. Trampolining over a sprinkler. Sweaty bevs. Breaking in new sandals. (You get the picture.)

We’re getting a jumpstart on things with our newest and noisiest video, “The Onomatopoeia of Summer.” It’s all about the soundtrack of the season: splashes, buzzes, and splats. Did we forget to mention sunglasses? Oh, there are sunglasses. Fresh for the summer are two head-turners from our first sun assortment of the season (out today!): Cecily, a semi-rimmed number with round lenses, in Ocean Mint and Topper 16, a special-edition take on a much-loved silhouette with a smaller lens shape and thicker frame, in Crystal.

The first (of three) run of sunglasses, all crafted from premium cellulose acetate, is a medley of six new silhouettes and five new hues plus a rerun of classic faves done over in a wave of debuting colors. Especially of note are our limited-edition flash reflective lenses, featuring a specialty coating in color on the back of the sunglass lens—for your eyes only.

Zero in on the season, and taste/feel/smell/hear/see summer better with us along with loads more diversions and delights for every single sense. We’ll be rolling out a slew of surprises online and in select stores, like pop-up lemonade stands, custom lens cloths, an in-store concert series featuring bands local to each location, and lots more good stuff, all to be announced on Summer Fridays—in the spirit of celebrating the half-day before the weekend when everyone hightails it out of the office.

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