The whiff of chlorine. Buzzing mosquitoes. “How did that happen?” tan lines. Fireworks. Ice cream trucks. Ice cream truck music. Ah, we’re almost there. (Summertime, that is.)

In that spirit, we’re introducing our second collection for the season, an all-optical spread of four new frames and three new colors, with some freshened-up favorites interspersed throughout. Summer’s all about not getting weighed down—literally and metaphorically—so you can get out the door and get to the good stuff. (Things to do, people to see, ice cream trucks to hunt down, etc.)

These glasses are an unfussy batch of adaptable shapes and flattering-on-all hues. We’re calling it: new season, new staples. No distractions. Get on your way already. Perfect for those on the move. (It’s summer. Of course you’re on the move.)

And of course, don’t forget about the sunglasses. Because, summer:

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