We work with some pretty sharp dressers, and it’s always a treat to see what they will wear each day. We’re highlighting a few of the stories behind their looks.

Meghan Godin, User Experience Analyst


Boots, Madewell: “I got them in Miami, and they clearly aren’t the market for Miami so I got them for $35.  I love boots; I have maybe eight pairs. They have to be comfortable and versatile because I walk everywhere. If it’s a dressy occasion, I’ll sacrifice pain but I won’t spend a lot of money if they’re not comfortable. I wore a pair of wedges last week, but I just went to Duane Reade and saw the doctor because I have such bad blisters! I’m on antibiotics.”

Hair: “I had my roommate trim my bangs once, and I only trusted him because he was in design school. I keep bobby pins, a hair tie, and a little comb with me all the time to throw them back. If it’s windy, they get out of place or if it’s muggy, combing through makes it look so much better.”

Striped socks, Happy Socks: “One of these socks got messed up at the Laundromat and turned out darker. I embrace it.”


Arrow ring, Bande des Quartes: “A friend of mine makes them with her mom in their Montreal studio. The worst is when I’m shaking hands. Sometimes my rings will cut into people.”

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