We work with some pretty sharp dressers, and it’s always a treat to see what they will wear each day. We’re highlighting a few of the stories behind their looks.

Mara Isip, Senior Graphic Designer


Hat, American Apparel: “Hats are always my safety. I feel like they contain my hair because it’s so long. It’s been this long since I was seven years old.  I’ve cut it short twice to my chin-length, and I’ve never dyed it. Once, I got a body wave because it’s naturally pin straight. It was a total waste of money because it didn’t do anything.”


Tweed coat, Maje: “I bought this on Gilt Group. I only impulse buy from flash sites if I’m completely certain it will be perfect for me, but I once bought a Vena Cava dress for a wedding that was completely see-through.”

Jeans, Rag & Bone: “Jeans are really huge staple in my closet. I wear them at least twice a week, and I always get them tailored. My body’s pretty proportionate except for my legs. Sometimes I can buy high-rise cropped pants and they fit me perfectly. For hems, I go to a place that can do it right then and there for $5 in 15 minutes. The extra thread is still attached to the pants when you get them back. It’s not totally polished but it’s super fast.”


Boots, Dolce Vita: “My friend’s their shoe designer, and I’m sample size so I get all my shoes from there. Sometimes a heel will be loose, or one of the shoes will give me blisters, but this is all stuff they figure out when they do more testing. I have four of these exact pairs.”

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Photos by Justin Bridges

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