We work with some pretty sharp dressers, and it’s always a treat to see what they will wear each day. We’re highlighting a few of the stories behind their looks.

Lauren Roeder, Social Media Coordinator

“It’s become a game for me that I try not to spend more than $20 on a piece of clothing. I’ve been trying that for the past five years, ever since I moved to New York— it’s such an expensive city. Everything that I’m wearing is under $30.”


Shirt, Forever 21

“I own six French stripe shirts: four classic, two in funky colors. I like polka dots too, but it’s a lot more obvious if I were to wear a variation of a polka dot shirt everyday.”

Vintage clogs, Etsy

Bracelet, Duane Reade

“I always have an extra hair tie around my wrist. They magically appear in my apartment whenever I lose one. It’s an accessory whether I like it or not.”

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