We work with some pretty sharp dressers, and it’s always a treat to see what they will wear each day. We’re highlighting a few of the stories behind their looks.

Julia Powers, Lab Coordinator (wearing the Edgeworth in English Oak)

Shoes, Clarks: “These shoes are super padded and have Velcro straps. They’re so comfortable I could jog in them, but I don’t.”

Skirt, Urban Outfitters: “It was a birthday gift from my sister. The best gift she’s ever gotten me is a kitchen knife set. I would cook more if I had a bigger kitchen, but now I use them to cut bags of chips open.”

Tank top, Brandy Melville: “It’s a triangle for strength, not the Illuminati.”

Top knot: “My hair is like this 80% of the time just to get it out of the way. I have very long hair and choppy bangs that I’m trying to grow out. Before I got them cut at Aveda, I told the stylist that I wouldn’t blame her if they turned out weird. She was nervous.”

Bike: “I’d be a little worried about getting this skirt caught in the wheels.”

Photos by Justin Bridges

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