We work with some pretty sharp dressers, and it’s always a treat to see what they will wear each day. We’re highlighting a few of the stories behind their looks.

Jordan Jenner, Retail associate (wearing the Duke in Gold from our 1922 Collection, now sold out)

Cardigan, Cos

Pants, Cos


Boots, Cos: “This is getting embarrassing.”

Acne jacket, eBay: “I saw this jacket when I lived in Antwerp for three months interning at A.F. Vandevorst. It was too expensive so I didn’t buy it, but just before my birthday, my mom bought it for me on eBay.”


Blonde hair: “My sophomore year of college, I had an amazing teacher who had white hair, and she really inspired me to bleach my hair four years ago. I scalded my scalp, and it was orange the first three weeks. It was dark brown before, and the people at the salon had to strip it twice. I dyed it every four weeks, but I just went back to brown after thinking about it for a year. I pictured myself looking so young with dark hair so I took a picture from every angle at the Greene Street photo booth and colored with black sharpie to see what I would look like again with darker hair.”

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